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good morning everyone. today is saturday, july 6th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us so early. we start with a fox news alert. he's been hiding out in russia. now edward snowden may be making his next move after receiving asylum offers from two separate countries. who will step in? we'll tell you. and welcome to part-time america. well, the white house spins the stagnant unemployment numbers as a good thing, we'll show you the numbers they don't want you to see. >> and facelifts for fido. dog lovers spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their pooch plastic surgery. a little too much or in the name of love? see some of them really sad.
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you know what i'm saying? they need it. "fox and friends" hour one starts right now. good morning everyone. thank you so much for joining us. we can see the temperature when we take this shot. in the right-hand corner. >> it's 79 degrees. 81 degrees. >> it just went up. >> hotter. >> in that secondt jumped two degrees. that's how hot it is. >> at 4:00 in the morning in midtown, it was 77 degrees. >> you know that because you were up exercising? >> no. i saw it on a display. 77 degrees. >> oh, boy. >> shocking. >> going to be a scorcher. >> we begin with a fox news alert. edward know den finds friends in nicaragua and venezuela.
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both countries offered snowden asylum, apparently. the question is how will he get there? we have the latest on this from molly. >> tucker, alisyn, clayton, we don't know if there are conditions on the offer. but nicolas maduro said nsa leaker edward snowden can live out his days in the homeland of hugo chavez who was a frequent critic of the u.s. maduro made the remarks yesterday which was venezuela's independence day. there are no direct flights from moscow where snowden is believed to be holed up to venezuela. but it's possible he could fly through cuba to get there. maduro said that vein za ha had decided to offer humanitarian asylum to snowden so he can live without persecution from the empire. meaning the u.s. there. >> the offer comes one day after leftist south american leaders including maduro gathered to protest the rerouting of the
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bolivian president's plane over europe, including an unscheduled stop in austria, because european governments received information. they won't say if it's from the u.s. that snowden was on that plane. snowden also may get an offer of asylum from nicaragua. he said if circumstances allow it, snowden may be able to come live there. but he did not specify what those conditions could be. ortega says the nicaraguan embassy in moscow received the request for asylum and is studying it. back to you in new york. >> thank you, molly. in d.c. this morning. >> that's a big story. another big story we're following is the chaos in egypt at this hour. of course, yesterday we told you about the crackdown upon the muslim brotherhood as members of the military cracked down on hundreds of morsi supporters and protesters out there in tahrir square and now violence clashes, some saying this could descend into civil war at this hour.
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>> at least 30 people have been killed. it's basically a military coup. though the government, our president can't call it that for technical reasons. but it obviously puts the united states in a predicament because we are now in a position of not supporting morsi, the first democratically elected president of egypt. though many question that election. supporting instead the military. it's just a strange position for the united states to figure out how to navigate and what to do in egypt. general goldberg talked about what the administration has done wrong thus far. >> i think that this is destined to get much more out of hand before it gets under control. we're in a very strange place where at least from our perspective, the small d democrats are essentially the bad guys. and how barack obama or how circumstances got us into a
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position where we're seen as both the supporters of hosni mubarak's regime and of the muslim brotherhood, it's a really interesting move. i think we're going to spend a long time trying to figure out how we got into this mess. >> it's all bad. here's part of the way we got into the mess. by believing that because someone is democratically elected they will bring greater freedom to a country. hamas was democratically elected, morsi was. you could see a scenario under which a military regime provides more freedom to the people of egypt. >> it's hard -- >> for the last 15 years, you can say that just because a country has elections doesn't mean it's free. we have learned that. >> that's a great point. not to make the direct relationship between the two. the people always get in trouble when they do so. hitler was democratically elected. you go through the process, people go to the ballot box and say this is the guy we want, the party we want, we want the nazi party.
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a few years into it, they realize what they've got in their hands. the country was descending, the economy in tatters, you were not bringing in the other side and the military had to take over. >> it's hard to know what our president and the obama administration should be doing while all of this unfolds in egypt. we can tell what you they have been doing for the past 24 hours. that is having a lot of leisure time. president obama took to golfing. as you know, he often relaxes on the golf course. vice president biden loves delaware. he loves delaware beaches. and secretary kerry, interestingly, though his staff said that he was hard at work in the office, was actually on his yacht. >> his $7 million yacht. which he keeps, by the way in rhode island. not in his home state of massachusetts in order to avoid a half million dollars in sales tax that he would have to pay near his nantucket home or boston home. he's a tax evader as well as an
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elitist on his $7 million yacht. another man of the people. but, look, when these guys are there, does anyone think when the president is at camp david or playing golf, he's not actually working? >> if i had a $7 million yacht, i am out of touch. >> i disconnect. >> when you're having tea and crumpets you are totally cut off. the president says he'll have his blackberry with him, his briefing book in hand and working around the clock. when the president goes on vacation, he's never on vacation. >> of course. i think it's silly when people say he has to be in the white house. we can work from anywhere nowadays. >> even on a yacht. >> apparently. >> high-level democratic office holder should not have a $7 million yacht. you can't get up and demagog everything and we're on your side for working families. be quiet and then you inherited money to buy a $7 million yacht. not a louchltd you can't do that. >> i disagree. i think you can have a yacht, but you can't then try to park it someplace -- >> that's a dingy.
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>> he has a little dingy. you can't then park it someplace else and evade taxes if you believe that everyone should pay higher taxes. >> the phrase working families any more. you're not allowed to do that. it suggests anybody who doesn't buy into your stupid political ideas doesn't actually work for a living when you're living off of someone else's inherited money to buy your $7 million yacht and lecturing me that i don't work enough and pay enough taxes to do my fair share. i'm not a working family. don't ever say that again. >> you're referring to the teresa hines kerry, the heinz ketchup. it's all about perception. when egypt is in chaos and 12 days, secretary kerry spends over in the middle east and then comes back as this country descends into a civil war and then is seen on the yacht where his staff said it didn't happen and then had to come back and say actually it did happen. >> just a working family. >> again that was his dingy that we were looking at there. >> as you pointed out, little
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dingy. >> not on the yacht. i need more photographic evidence. here are your headlines at this hour. at the emotional end of the week at the george zimmerman trial, a family clashed over that controversial 911 call. both trayvon martin's mother and george zimmerman's mother said it was their own sons screaming in the background. >> you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> whose voice was that? >> my son george. >> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >> a medical examiner also testified that martin was shot through the heart and may have lived up to ten minutes after the altercation. prosecutors rested their case and the defense asked the judge to dismiss the trial but she refused.
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paula deen did not have enough problems, a man in new york charged with blackmailing her for $250,000. the fbi says this man claimed he would go public with statements dean made about her use of racial slurs unless he was paid. the celebrity chef has been fired by several companies in recent weeks after she admitted to using racial slurs in the past. the suspect contacted deen's lawyer with demands who then contacted the feds. police are looking into what caused this terrifying independence day disaster. >> oh! oh, my god. this happened in simi valley, california. the explosion injured 39 people, ranging from 17 months old to 79 years old. three year children are still being treated for burns and shrapnel wounds it appears to have been an accident and the company that set up the
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fireworks has an excellent safety track record. those are your headlines. a look at the forecast with rick. we were trying to give the forecast earlier without our help. it went from 79 to 81 degrees in two second. >> hot. >> well, listen, at least it's nice and cool in here. >> yeah. >> can we stay in here all day? >> hopefully. it is really bad outside. been hot on the eastern seaboard. already 78 in new york. 74 in raleigh. it's not the heat. it is the humidity. out across the west, you're still warm but much drier, although the humidity is creeping up a little bit as well. take a look at what's happened across the east. it's mostly towards the southeast. you see this moisture coming in, especially towards southern florida. areas have seen over 20 inches of rain in the last three days. those are the totals you see with a big tropical storm come in. there's no significant storm, but 20 inches of rain will cause flooding anywhere you get that kind of rain. that's what what we've seen, especially the panhandle of
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florida. we'll see more today and tomorrow as this similar pattern is stuck for another couple days. get ready across the southeast. towards the northeast also heat advisories in effect. it's going to feel around 100 degrees today and tomorrow, guys. it's just hot. go to the beach if you can. >> okay. will do. i'll say -- rick's orders. >> thank you, rick. let's talk about the jobs numbers. people are diving into the jobs numbers saying they look pretty good, right? 7.6%.ught that it added a number of jobs, 30,000 more than analysts expected. when you start to dive into the numbers a bit, you start to realize what an anemic recovery this has been. at those same jobs numbers, it would take another four years to get back to where we need to be to get out of the the hole we're in. seems like it's nice. as mentioned yesterday, it's anemic. we dive into the numbers, you find out more and more people are working part-time, less full-time than ever before. >> the number on the screen is a dubious distinction. it's been 54 months we've been
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at 7.5, the rate of unemployment or higher obviously. that's a long time. 54 months. >> here's the number that jumps out at me. 47% of americans, only 47%, less than half, have full-time jobs now. i mean -- the unemployment numbers are tricky washington number. it's totally fake number and there's a bipartisan conspiracy to lie about what it really is. but the number you look at is what percentage of the workforce is actually working. it's really low. >> right. so you're seeing this tick up in part-time employment. is that because of summer jobs? to your point, we don't know. the numbers are also revised. now we see the revisions of the april and may numbers. >> right. when we have these june numbers come out and everyone gets excited about them, two months from now they'll revise the june numbers. >> here's a number that is totally straightforward. what percentage of the population has a full-time job? that's pretty simple. >> right. >> it's not what percent just looking or stopped looking or the criteria that the federal
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government uses. what percentage has a -- 47%. less than half. >> we'll tell you how many americans have part-time jobs and what the theory is why they have part-time jobs. when we come back, caught on camera, a true operate to the tackles a would-be robber who escaped from prison. the details on this straight ahead. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. i don't know. how did you get here? [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do.
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i thought that i was clayton for a second. >> it happens all the time. >> take it away. >> yesterday the prosecution rests their case in the george zimmerman trial and the defense began. interestingly, both ended and started in a similar way. watch. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> do you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> and whose voice was that? >> my son george. >> and are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >> so what can we expect from zimmerman's defense team now. joining us is trial attorney kirs continue wilson. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> we heard both moms, trayvon martin's mother and george zimmerman's mother saying they believed it was their son screaming for help on the 911 call. what's the jury supposed do with that? >> the jury, i'm sure, is scratching their head. the prosecution case typically
3:18 am
going into the close of a trial. the prosecution has the momentum and the state should be in a really strong position at the end of the evidence with their case. in the zimmerman case, it's as clear as mud right now. they end with two mothers both saying it's their sons heard on the 911 tape. >> prosecution doesn't really have the momentum. you believe the defense. this seems like an odd turn. everyone thought the prosecution had it locked up. >> it seems like an odd turn. there were some weird decisions made by the prosecution during the case. they played some of the conversations between zimmerman and the police. that was sort of an odd decision. it enabled him not to take the stand before he had the potential to take the stand in order to lay the foundation for his self-defense. now they have played the tapes where he's interviewed and there's no cross-examination. so his story comes in, we end with the two mothers saying both of them are my son and now we have the defense picking up the ball and starting to run with it. they're really in a good position at this point in time. >> but at the end of the day,
3:19 am
can the prosecution in closing arguments make the point that if george zimmerman hadn't followed trayvon martin that night, hadn't disregarded what police told him to do, which was stand back, not follow him, that trayvon martin would still be alive? >> that's one of their strongest arguments to make at this point. the fact of the matter is, we still have this testimony, t lighter skinned male on the ground on top of him. that supports the self-defense theory that the defense is putting forward. >> we got to go. what can the defense do heading into the week? >> what the defense needs to do is keep the momentum moving and they need to really personalize george zimmerman. even if the legal standards haven't been met, the jury is sitting there and they've seen trayvon martin's family and they want someone to be healld accountable. they want to see george zimmerman as a person. kirsten wilson, thanks for your insight. great to have you. coming up on the show, a consumer high alert that that
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cheese that you're eating could make you sick. who is eating the cheese here? why one high end supermarket is sending out a warning this morning about cheese. we'll tell you which one. >> you're usually the one eating cheese >> i do. i love the cheese. >> prince harry has a new title. has nothing to do with his royal roots. he's making a name for himself in the british army. by the way, who moved my cheese?
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welcome back to the show here. 23 minutes now past the hour. quick headlines for you. new developments in the air ron hernandez murder case.
3:24 am
a jury will hear from alexander bradley. he claims hernandez shot him after an argument at a miami nightclub and he lost an eye. in a consumer alert this morning for you, whole foods recalling crave brothers, ali, i need you as a backup. le ferrer cheese. a possible listeria contaminati contamination. if you have that in your refrigerator like tucker does, you might be in trouble. one person has already died and two others sick from eating this cheese. it was sold in at least 30 states and should be thrown away immediately. crave brothers cheese. be careful. tucker? well, as the chaos rages in cairo, what is our country's role in this region? michelle dunn, a former state department official who advised president obama on egypt said this. "we've managed now to al en ate
3:25 am
both sides in egypt. so is the obama administration leading from mind in the middle east. a retired u.s. marine corps lieutenant colonel, a genuine war hero, military analyst and all around wise person. he joins us now from washington. bill, thanks for coming on this early saturday morning. >> good morning. >> is this good for the united states or is it bad? what is our strategy in egypt. >> somewhere between the golf course and the yacht we're still trying to figure out. when we helped oust mubarak, one of our friends throughout the middle east. i'm not saying he was the greatest guy, tucker. but we know he's a man who did our bidding. we were happy, we ushered in morsi, all kinds of jubilation in this town and the fact is that morsi and the muslim brotherhood were democratically elected but anything but democratic. over the course of the last year, we've allowed them, stood back and watched while they essentially changed their constitution, pushed it more to
3:26 am
the right, suppressed women, suppressed minorities, suppressed the media. all of these things helping contribute to the people wanting him out of there. morsi trying to get himself instilled for a longer period of time. we've watched that. all the anti-morsi people say where is the united states when this is going on inside our country and now that morsi is overthrown in four days, all of morsi's supporters saying, wait a minute, where is the united states making sure our guy stayed in power? i think it's pretty clear that our strategy in -- goals and prospects in egypt have been really kind of haphazard at best, tucker. the question really then is what do we do now? the president has made some quips about the military over there. the fact is the military is the most stable institution in egypt. they've not tried to grab power. they didn't assassinate or kill morsi as any real coup would do or have him exiled somewhere. you don't see military people standing on every corner.
3:27 am
they haven't declared martial law. they've tried to be the one institution to provide stability while egypt gets back on its feet. >> bill, quickly, can we make a policy going forward that the u.s. government will never support the muslim brotherhood? is that too hard to just come out and say that? >> tucker, we ought to be saying that. anybody not paying attention knows the muslim brotherhood is a long way from being our friends. we have plenty of concerns about them being in power in syria too. the fact of the matter is, here at this state department, we're happy to support anybody who hangs a d on -- this town needs to be paying a lot of attention to who the muslim brotherhood is. incidentally, they've got insidious efforts going on in this town all the time. who they are, what they want and long-term objectives do not sort with those of the united states of america. >> it's idiotic.
3:28 am
thank you for your insight colonel bill cowen and clear description of what we're doing and not doing. >> thanks, tucker. it could be the best pitch ever thrown. who is on that mound? we'll tell you. plus, the price of beauty for your dog. why some dog owners are paying big bucks for facelifts and tummy tucks. needless to say, this is a real story. we've got details. what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s.
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time for your shot of the morning this morning. you have a dog scooter. dog-powered scooters. >> finally. >> it's about time. they serve multiple purposes. they give your dog exercise and give you a ride at the same time. you don't have to do any work. >> why didn't i think of this? >> how do you stop it? how do you slow down the dog powered scooter? i'm totally for this. >> that might be a design flaw. >> the worst part is you have to release a cat first so it chases the cat or a rabbit or a squirrel. >> 600 bucks for one of these. seems like a present i good deal. >> the dog darting right into traffic with that thing.
3:32 am
>> going off. if you've had a dog on a leash, as soon as it sees a squirrel, yanking your arm one way. >> if your dog darted into traffic, it might then need some plastic surgery. today we're talking about all of the procedures that people are now paying for, for their pets. >> dog lovers are actually now spending, according to a new bit of research out about plastic surgery, they're spending upwards of $10,000 on plastic surgery. $10,000 to get facelifts, tummy tucks, teeth straightening procedures for dogs. >> uh-huh. >> and eyebrow corrections. >> i know the obvious position on this is, this is appalling, it's cruel, it's a sign of affluence gone haywire, the country has been too rich too long. let me put one word out there in favor of this. there are some dogs clearly who are embarrassed by the way they look. >> i'm serious. whenever we shave our dogs for the summer, they won't even go outside. >> they're so embarrassed.
3:33 am
>> they're full of self-loathing. dogs are aware of their appearance. >> maybe we wait for new hair growth. >> okay. can we see some of these. this dog had plastic surgery on its ears because the owner, see how the top part of the ear folds over. the owner thought that was embarrassing. got them straightened. >> as a guy who suffers from big ear syndrome, i can appreciate the surgery for this. >> does he look better or just surprised? >> he looks very surprised. >> looks kind of like batman. the upper east side of batman. >> by the way, they are paying for botox if your pet is too wrinkly. >> do we have a before of any of these? no? we're going to mention this. it's in the story. i am not making this up. silicon testicle implants. >> they're called newt cals. i once in my cable television career interviewed the inventor of it. his point was i thought it
3:34 am
valid. dogs get fixed, fixed. you don't like to think of that, castrated and they miss it. and they know they look ridiculous and so it makes it possible for them to go to the park again with dignity. you're laughing. but i think this is real. i know it's early for this. i'm sorry. >> i hope my 6-year-old son is watching because he needs a new euphemism for newt cals. you're welcome, nate. >> that is going to be borrowed. i'm assuming tucker, you had to choose an opposite point of view that you don't really believe that? >> i don't know. dog plastic surgery, i'm open-minded. i'm from california. maybe. it's okay. >> i think plastic surgery hurts from what i hear. >> it does. >> from what he hears. >> that's bad news. >> he just turned 70, by the way. you have no firsthand knowledge of it. >> i have no idea. let's take a look at the weather maps, guys. we have hot weather across parts of the east. today's highs temperatures, not just the heat but also the
3:35 am
humidity. it's going to be very sticky again today. places from richmond, virginia, through washington, d.c. up towards philadelphia and new york and boston, everybody into the 90s. it's going to be feeling closer to the 100s. tomorrow will same story. monday, temps drop down. the rain returns, unfortunately. the rain that we had the last number of days, that pattern kind of gets back with us for this next week. so no big relief across the northeast, unfortunately, over the next number of days. today you're hot, everybody looking at the warm temperatures. down across the southeast, unfortunately, just more rain. that same pattern we've been in continues here across the southeast and more flooding concerns across the panhandling of florida, throughout much of alabama in towards tennessee and kentucky again. out across the south, though, places like texas and oklahoma, just very high temperatures into the upper 90s again. up across the northern plains, we're going to see a few showers move in across parts of north dakota and minnesota. those are morning showers. temps again hot and sticky. the temps getting above average
3:36 am
the next few days. where it's been so hot across parts of the west, we're going to cool down a little bit. not really cool down, but the temps are going to moderate a little bit. we're getting some pretty good monsoon storms out there. some of those thunderstorms could -- the lightning could start a few fires. we're getting enough rain that it's moistening the ground a little bit. that's some good news. >> guys, back to you inside. >> thanks so much, rick. let's get to your headlines talk about what's happening at this hour. nearly 12 years after the 9/11 attack, some closure for the family of jeffrey walz, a medical examiner identifying the new york firefighter's remains just friday. walz was inside tower one of the world trade center when it collapsed. his name is etched at a new york city's 9/11 memorial. his family says they feel the positive identification is a sign that jeffrey is looking down on them. more than 1,000 victims of the 9/11 attacks still remain unidentified. and starting monday, strict new abortion restrictions go
3:37 am
into effect in wisconsin. governor scott walker just signing the bill into law yesterday. under the law, women must get an ultrasound at least 24 hours before getting an abortion and doctors must point out features like the organs and heartbeat. the governor says it will help women make informed choices. planned parenthood plans to sue to block that law. and caught on camera. this american tackles an escaped convict at an ohio convenience store. james david myers was in prison for kidnapping, rape and other crimes. but went missing during a head count wednesday night. the store was just eight miles from the prison. so employees put up a picture of myers in case he showed up and then he did and they were ready. >> yeah. i knew -- i was just trying to stay calm and try not to show that i know this is the guy. >> well, people in the store tied him up and held him there until police could arrive. could this be the most
3:38 am
amazing pitch ever? >> whoa. >> what the -- i don't even know how that happened. gymnast shin sue gee showed off her flexibility in seoul. the players watching from the dugout are either dumb struck or love-struck. hard to tell. i know which one clayton is. let's go to the guys. >> dumb struck. >> more than 58,000 soldiers gave their lives in the vietnam war and the vietnam veterans memorial fund is making sure they are never forgotten. we're joined by the founder of that memorial fund. a retired captain of u.s. navy, dennis flaherty. thank you both for joining us.
3:39 am
mr. scruggs, the idea as i understand it is to get pictures of all 58,000? i'm sort of amazed there aren't pictures. how many have you gathered and how have you done it? >> we've gotten a total of 32,000 out of the 58,000 and basically, we get volunteers throughout the country to get these. we've had really good luck in texas, governor perry and a lot of the mexican-american community there, gotten just about all the photos and throughout the kcountry, people are helping. >> there to remember the vietnam war and those who pay the ultimate sacrifice there. >> good morning. our generation of veterans in the united states has really made the memorial a hallowed ground. it is a sacred place to americans for the loss of our
3:40 am
sons and daughters. but it's more than a place. it's also a time where we can be together with our fellow veterans and talk about and relive some memories and some much our experiences in vietnam. a lot of the veterans use it as a form of closure and help them with some of the psychological problems that they've encountered upon their return. >> so if the loved ones of any of those 58,000 fallen soldiers are watching the show this morning, where should they send photographs, mr. scruggs and where will the photographs be displayed? >> build the is our websi website. this is for the education center at the wall. this is a place that will really elevate the idea of service, service to your country, service to your community, using these photographs in a really positive way. we want people, citizens to be involved and we think this is a great legacy for those who have given their lives. not only in vietnam but other
3:41 am
wars as well. and the photographs of the soldiers from iraq and afghanistan will also be displayed in a very positive and fulfilling manner. >> captain, as we let you guys go this morning, what do you think it means to the younger generation growing up who was not alive during the vietnam war to see this and be a part of american history? what does it say to those folks? >> i think it's extremely important for a few reasons. back in 1975, there was a study done that determined that basically all-american adults, about 150 american citizens knew someone by name that had died in vietnam. whether it was someone from their town, their school, their college, but they knew them by name. today sadly, in some history books, the vietnam war is not even mentioned. the 58,000 americans who died there. >> james scruggs, memorial fund and captain of the navy, we
3:42 am
appreciate you for joining us. give us the website name again. if the viewers want to write this down. >> build the build the thank you, gentlemen. obama care will cost americans billions of dollars to begin with and now the white house is delaying a part of that lay. how much will that cost you? fox business networks jolene kent to break down the numbers coming up. ever dream of living at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? now it's for sale. we'll explain. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico?
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3:45 am
quick headlines for you. 1600 pennsylvania avenue up for sale. it's true. but it's not the white house. 1600 pennsylvania avenue southeast. white house address is northwest. that's about five miles away. new apartment bid building is going up. on quadrants of course. further brandishing military credentials, he's able to command an apache attack helicopter. that took three years of intensive training. the defense ministry said harry had to pass a six-hour flight test. here he is last month showing off his piloting skills at an air show in the uk.
3:46 am
while the obama administration was ready to install health care -- >> starting on october 1st, you can get a better deal. if you're a small business providing health insurance to employees, you can get a better deal through these exchanges. >> as of this week, the employer mandate is delayed now until 2015 and with it, the plan to penalize people that failed to offer benefits. the penalties would have brought $10 billion into the government but now employers are off the hook and the feds will not see that money. here now is jolene kent. >> the government was counting on this $10 billion in penalties that employers would have had to have paid if they didn't offer health insurance and now they don't have to pay that this year. >> essentially what's happened is last week basically, white house said, okay, we're going to
3:47 am
be delaying this employer mandate. so essentially the $2000 per person, per employee that would have been paid as a penalty if countries did not implement in time for january 2014 is not going to be there anymore. in fact, we have a chart to show you. the cvo estimates that $10 billion will be lost. now, this is something the treasury was supposed to receive over 2014 to receive for 2015. it actually is in the budget. you can see highlighted there, there's a negative 10 for 2015 they were supposed to receive. it's unclear whether or not they were actually counting on this money to actually come in. but it certainly is quite controversial because already we know the employer mandate is controversial among the business community, right? so now they're not going to be receiving this money. >> could you argue that it's better for employers and, therefore, better for the economy that they're not going to have to pay the penalties? >> i think critics are certainly saying it's a complicated loss to implement. it's better maybe for them. in the short term. but eventually, this is going to
3:48 am
be in place and so the white house has come back and said in a blog post saying that they have heard that this is a very complicated situation. in fact, we have a blog post to show you right now that we've heard the concerns about the complexity and the requirements and the need for more time to implement these employer mandates effectively. they've come out and said we're trying to make it right for the employers. but the employers are saying, a lot of employers are saying this is quite expensive and quite complicated. so the republicans of course, are going to say this is showing it's ineffective and the democrats are saying they need more time. >> here's part of the issue. the robbing peter to pay paul aspect of the federal government, which is if they were counting on that $10 billion in penalties, we do know that the government plans to subsidize low-income families that don't have health care. where will they get that money if they're not taking in more revenue? >> right. important that ated question. we find that out. essentially, we're not sure if that $10 billion was actually
3:49 am
accounted for, if they're expecting that money. the report that came out was from last month. so it's a projection. whether or not the irs and the treasury were counting on that $10 billion is unclear. i have a feeling because they budgeted it for it, it's part of the equation. >> it sounds like it is. now they will have some sort of hold because it won't be implement implemented. >> the revenue going into 2023, the health care law, it's all going to be delayed. there will be impacts. >> joe ling kent, thank you for explaining that to us. >> great to see you. could goofing off at work actually be the secret to success? finally, clayton is explained. >> new research in why taking breaks can be beneficial to you. do you need a kitchen makeover? >> you guys get depressed when you come in here? >> very. >> good. well, let's get a new kitchen. >> our next guest is crashing kitchens. the host of kitchen crashers is
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>> heading out to the hardware store this weekend, my wife calls it my second home. you may bring home a new tool, plywood or paint. but if you run into our next guest, you may also be bringing home a brand-new kitchen makeover. take a look. >> i do kitchens. remodel kitchens in three days. howdy partner. this is what i want to demo with next time. hi, guys.
3:54 am
>> what are you guys doing? >> a show called "kitchen crashers." i can get you a happy husband and a happy kitchen. >> that's wonderful. >> she's the first and only female crasher, interior and designer and host of "kitchen crashers." people are surprised. when you show up at the hardware store, do people say you're full of it, no way you're going to do my kitchen. >> of course. people are buying a plunger and are like what are you doing? too early for you. for the most part there are people ready to take me home. >> on the diy network you're doing crash week. >> it is crazy hosts where we come in and do one house at once. i'm doing the kitchen, matt's doing the yard, matt's doing the yard and also the great room. >> i think we have kitchens
3:55 am
here. here's some before shots. wow. >> that one was a huge overhaul. i mean, we come in and we knock down walls. you're sometimes getting two rooms in one. kitchen-dining room, we're opening it up. big center island. >> did you do new flooring? >> every single thing top to bottom. >> you're doing like $70,000 kitchens for people for free because they're on the show. if people at home want to update their kitchen, there are simple tips you have that you don't need to spend $70,000? >> no. a lot of people are intimidated. i love being the first female crasher. i get to show the guys you've got to finish the projects you start. and the women, get dirty. changing hardware, it is like an accessory. to take off your knobs and pulls and put something new on. make sure you're at the same measurement. >> make sure you measure the handles. >> they have holes in it. >> i did that, mistake once
3:56 am
and i had to drill holes to expand it. you also say glass inserts in glasses so you see the dishes? >> a little bit of a diy. you want to break it up, maybe not so many wood cabinets. you do inserts flanking the sink or maybe on the side of the range. >> back splashes seems like it would be a tough project, putting those little pieces up. >> if you do that route. >> they have the big sheets. >> mash mound. less cutting, less chance for error. you're cutting around your outlets. there's all kinds of back splashes out there now like tin foil -- not tin foil, but almost like ceiling tile so you can cut and double sided tape and it's easy to do especially if you're a renter. that's a fun one. >> alison victoria, the show starts monday. july 8 is the diy's crash week. then it will go to the
3:57 am
ultimate crash on sunday, july 14. >> tuesday the 9th all new episodes and the 14th is the big one. >> coming up on the show, fox news alert this morning. a train crash sets off a series of explosions. a fire now spreading to homes. we'll have the story at the top of the hour. a group of college students came up with a creative way to pay the price for a higher education. by buying an ice cream truck. that's how they're raising money. they're here to share their inspirational story of success. ♪
3:58 am
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>>alisyn: good morning. today is saturday, july 6. i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with a fox news alert. a train carrying flammable materials derails, explodes and 15 people now -- forcing hundreds from their homes. late-breaking details ahead. >> another fox news alert. two south american companies say they will grant n.s.a. leaker edward snowden asylum. the big question now: when will he make his move if at all? he's still at the airport in moscow. >> he's locked up in gitmo but not cashing in. how does a terrorist at guantanamo bay get a book deal? come on.
4:01 am
the unbelievable story at "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>alisyn: it's the love train here this morning "fox & friends." midtown manhattan, hop on the love train. you know who's leading the love train? it's the ice cream truck that is here here to tell us a great small business story. >> this is what new york city looks like during a holiday weekend. where is everyone? >> there was a tumble weed rolling down 6th avenue. >> in egypt, speaking of hot, troops opened fire on mohamed morsi forcing the city of alexander. 12 people confirmed killed.
4:02 am
clashes have left people dead. we're live in cairo with the latest on what is happening at this hour. >> tucker, it is an absolutely brutal and intense night of fighting not only here in cairo but just across all of egypt, every city in this country seems to have had some type of violence. yesterday the muslim brotherhood leadership called for peaceful protests. that quickly turned to violent protests as members of the muslim brotherhood and pro-morsi supporters tried to move near the republican guard headquarters where we believe mohammed morsi, now deposed president is being held by the egyptian military. the egyptian military began opening fire killing and injuring several people. then it erupted here. we saw hand-to-hand fighting, clashes all along the main streets here in egypt. it was primitive at times with sticks and stones and
4:03 am
very basic fighting here. it was intense, it was angry, and it boiled over to other parts of not only cairo but across the entire country. 30 people at least have been killed. hundreds more injured. we think those numbers will likely go up. today we are hearing that the new interim president, mansour is going to meet with the military commanders here. one thing we're not hearing is any discussions going on between the muslim brotherhood leadership and the new government, anger and the sort of misery that is being projected on this country right now seems to be only intensifying. there are no negotiations, no talks. neither side seems willing to talk to the other side. both sides are digging in. we are hearing of more protests in the coming day and probably even through tonight. we expect more violence tonight, tucker. >>tucker: thanks. >>alisyn: connor, be careful out there. there is still much violence in cairo, throughout egypt at the
4:04 am
moment. and other reporters have been hurt. thanks for that update. we'll check back in with you. >> all concerns whether or not this country could be descended into civil war as the muslim brotherhood individuals are being rounded up into a military crackdown. those who are supporting president morsi behind bars at this hour. remember, the united states, the obama administration reached out to president morsi in the hours after this coup -- excuse me to the military in the hours after this coup, do not crack down on these individuals. this could descend into civil war if this happened. they didn't listen to us on a number of occasions and this is the last time. >>alisyn: what should the u.s. policies be? last night a debate on where we are and where the president has slated so far. >> i think this is destined to get much more out of hand before it gets under control. we're in a very strange
4:05 am
place where at least from our perspective, the democrats, the small "d" democrats are also essentially the bad guys. how barack obama got us, or how circumstances got us into a position where we are seen as both the supporters of hosni mubarak's regime and of the muslim brotherhood, it's a really interesting move, and i think we're going to spend a long time trying to figure out how we got into this mess. >> that's for sure. do you know what the secretary of state was doing last week? this week he was on his yacht famously when this coup happened. do you know what he was doing last week? he was in israel lecturing the israelis about treating the palestinians better. wherever you stand on that question, that is not the central story of the moment. the central story is egypt. it's the largest arab country, at the very heart of the islamic world globally. and it is in chaos. and we supported the wrong side, the muslim brotherhood, a bunch of lunatics.
4:06 am
now the country is falling apart. what's our policy? we don't appear to have one. >>clayton: we didn't have one back then as hosni mubarak was faltering. you remember hillary clinton saying he's an ally. then he falls and we align ourselves with the government of the muslim brotherhood or the relationship with the muslim brotherhood. now you saw the protesters with the signs saying president obama to blame. join with the muslim brotherhood supporting islamists. >>alisyn: we give more than $1 billion in aid to egypt every year. charles krauthammer made an interesting point. he said nothing of the future of this revolution is going to depend on what happens in washington. that's an interesting point. hard to say what the president could do at this point. this is unfolding. what can president obama do to turn the tide? >>tucker: this is highly complex, i agree, and i think any adult would admit that. here's the way to think about it. american foreign policy ought to be determined by
4:07 am
what's best for america. period. full stofplt that is the most important -- in fact, that is the only criteria. the idea we who wins a, quote, free and fair election. does that mean hamas, the muslim brotherhood in egypt? no. these are bad people who oppress their populations and hate us. we should not be for that. >>alisyn: you can find us on twitter. we'd love to hear from you. let's get to the rest of your headlines. we have a fox news alert. we learned a train derailed in canada forcing a major fire, as you can see. police say the train was carrying crude oil to quebec. witnesses reported hearing several explosions, then massive flames. fire fighters from several cities are working to put out the fire at this hour. no word of any casualties at this time. we will bring you more as we get it. another fox news alert. because n.s.a. leaker edward snowden being offered asylum in nicarauga and then as well, we
4:08 am
understand, president from both countries speaking out saying snowden could live there. venezuela's president said his country can offer a place -- quote -- "without persecution from the empire," referring to the united states. snowden asked for asylum in several countries and many turned him down. right now he is reportedly stuck in that transit zone hotel still in the moscow airport. british police are digging through more than 30,000 documents in their renewed search for madeleine mccann. detectives conducted new interviews on her disappearance. mccann went missing six years ago from a portugese resort. detectives announced this week they are launching a new investigation and believe that she may still be alive. 38 persons of interest have been identified. mccann's parents say this is a huge step forward. how did this happen? a prisoner held at guantanamo bay for nearly 11 years gets a book deal.
4:09 am
mohammed salahi penned his memoirs in captivity. full of brutal activities in torture. he will reportedly be the only prisoner still inside to tell his story in print. those are your headlines. >> let's check in with rick for a look at the forecast. >> we finally have rain across parts of the west. it's been this rain across areas of the east that is causing all kinds of problems. the setup is like this. this area of high pressure, the bermuda high depends on where it is located. the circulation will continue to bring moisture into this. this is strong right now close to the east coast, causing the jet stream to get stuck here. it pulls all this moisture here and causing big-time flooding. look at some of the images coming out of south carolina from pickens county, south carolina, on the border of north carolina and south carolina. mudslide causing that road to break apart.
4:10 am
they have had to close the highway. crews from north carolina and south carolina trying to work on this rapidly to see if they can get this road back open. but so much rain falling in such a short time there, major flooding going on there. we have big-time flooding going on across parts of florida, alabama, tennessee and parts of kentucky. we're going to continue to see that because this pattern will be stuck for at least another two to three changes. no big khraepbgz. some of these -- no big changes. some of these sports have seen up to 20 inches of rain. >> in fox studio we're very serious and never goof off. >>alisyn: work, work, work. >> for example, look at our green room right now. >>alisyn: those are our interns. >> very serious work. there is a new body of research out showing goofing off like our interns are doing now, is actually good for you, makes you more productive.
4:11 am
that getting up away from the computer screen is more productive because sitting there all day staring blankly at the computer screen, you don't get any work done, turns out. >>tucker: it turns out when you work you get work done. and when you go on-line and buy new shoes on e bay or blue fly you're not. >>alisyn: okay! you can't have any fun in your office. >>tucker: some of the most creative things are born out of being away from the desk and walking. you like to go fly-fishing? i'm sure some of your most creative ideas -- >> look, we have a bar in my office. we have keg beer on tap. we have a ping-pong table. but i don't -- that's fine. we do that in exchange for paying our employees incredibly low salaries. i don't delude myself into thinking beer and ping-pong makes them more productive. google has their 20% rule. they want their employees
4:12 am
to take 20% of their time for themselves. if they have poolrooms or play pool, they jump on social media, whatever they want to do. some of their brightest products like gmail have come out of their spare time. albert einstein, didn't he come up with his theory of relativity by taking a walk. >>alisyn: this is from the university of toronto. they say that mostly you should just get your blood moving. you should go for a walk around the block. they believe you should definitely take a lunch break. leave the building. don't just eat at your desk. eat at your desk, you sink further into stupor. go out, take a yoga class. i don't know if that's goofing off or -- >> take a long boozey lunch. >>alisyn: that is your interpretation. >> i found i was spending too much time in front of the computer. i had a treadmill desk. we have them here in the studio. people are using these
4:13 am
because you're getting the blood flowing. even if you have a standing desk, not good enough because you're doing the same thing to your legs by sitting. but getting up and going 2 or 1.5, 20,000 steps a day. >>alisyn: why didn't you like it? >> i actually did like it. it is too big and unwieldy. you're standing way, way high. >>tucker: i read an amazing statistic. americans, the hardest working people. you know what the average american sleeps per day? 8 hours and 44 minutes. >>alisyn: i don't buy it. >>tucker: i just read it. i don't know anybody who sleeps 8 hours and 44 minutes. the point is there's a lot of self-indulgence. >>alisyn: we'll be talking about what americans are doing with their leisure time. i was shocked by that statistic. that's the average. we'll tell you what people are doing with their leisure time. >> coming up, the obama administration delayed their employer health care requirement, but why now? and what does this really
4:14 am
say about obamacare? >> parents, ever wonder how your baby got out of the crib? we've got some of the best escape artists coming up. ♪ ♪ mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting
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with steam-activated cleaning pads that break down dirt and lock it away. how did you get this floor so clean? ♪ steamboost, sir! [ female announcer ] new swiffer steamboost powered by bissell. not just clean, steamboost clean. aren't always the most obvious. take the humble stevia plant, with a surprising secret to share: sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. >> a key component of obamacare on the back
4:17 am
burner, a move to delay the employer mandate for another year. what's next? representative tim murphy, chairman of the commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations joins us now. congressman, nice to see you this morning. >> great to be with you. >> greta van susteren wrote an interesting opinion piece about this very thing. how long did the administration know it was going to delay this mandate? why wait until right before the holiday to do such a thing? was the administration planning this for months? is that what you're trying to get to the bottom of? >> it's an interesting thing they used when news was going quiet before the 4th of july weekend? why bring it up then? perhaps to bury the story. we had been asking this for several months in the oversight investigation subcommittee. what we found was there was many problems with the health care bill, but every time we brought someone from the administration to explain or perhaps tell us what they were doing to handle the problems, it looked a lot like that scene in animal house where
4:18 am
kevin bacon is waving his hands in front of the crowd saying remain calm, all is well, even though we knew there were problems going on. >>clayton: valerie jarrett's, the president's advisor -- alisyn is questioning whether kevin bacon was in animal house. valerie jarrett has said this is going to help. this mandate delay will actually help small businesses get their stuff, get their paper work together, implement all of this stuff. valerie jarrett says don't worry, this is good for the economy and the government. >> we wish the administration would work with us. they passed this health care bill without any of our input and now they're making several modifications to it. i would certainly like to know what else they have in mind. for example, if businesses have a waiver with regard to they don't have to pay a penalty for the next year but they encourage businesses to go ahead and
4:19 am
do this, what does this mean to the individual? the individual mandate is still in place. what happens if an employee does not have insurance? will they end up being spobs for a fine? -- responsible for a fine? the administration announced some will have that fine waived for a year. there are other questions in place. we don't really have the exchanges ready yet. these were supposed to be ready october 1. i'm not sure the whole health care bill is ready to go at at all. >>clayton: the exchanges, we were hearing from the administration, don't worry about it, there's not going to be too many people on the exchanges because of the mandate. now does this throw more people on the exchanges that are not yet ready? >> more people may come on them. i think that is a big concern. in some cases, small businesses, the number of choices you may have is limited to one. there is some question of how much the exchanges will really save money? a recent announcement there will be a 3.5% tax levied on the exchanges which will be passed on to the consumers.
4:20 am
i think it will be another $180 a year or so for an individual. we don't really know what's all in this and we're only a couple months away from implementation. i think what's happening here is with all these problems, the question we have is why now? why not work with us on this? is this also related to perhaps the 2014 election with so many problems occurring that they're looking to avoid other political problems. >>clayton: representative tim murphy, thanks for educating on all of this this morning and helping me brush up on my "animal house" trivial. coming up, he stole more than half a million dollars on legos and now he can spend a decade behind bars. these college girls aren't hitting the beach this summer. they're hitting the road in an ice cream truck. how they're using a small business to pay off their debts. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends." time for your news by the number. 23 past the hour. 160 billion, how much hangovers cost the u.s. economy each year. it stems from people being unproductive in work all day after partying hard. imagine that. how long a massachusetts man can spend behind bars for stealing legos. he was convicted of taking $600,000 of legos books and other items from stores and selling them on-line. 70, the age of lendary actress sophia loren, 78, who is returning to acting for her first starring role in a decade. the film is directed by her son. alisyn, tucker?
4:25 am
>>tucker: a break for many college students means enjoying fun in the sun but our next guests decided to earn extra cash instead by starting their own business to pay their school expenses. >>alisyn: they started up college creamery and have found sweet success. they are now joining us. ladies, thanks so much for beingwho came up with the idea for an ice cream truck? >> we did. the two of us. it was a spontaneous thought. we were just like what can we do this summer. >> i think you may have thought of it and we were like that is not going to happen. somehow we came up with this amazing thing. >>alisyn: in fact you bought a truck on ebay. how much did this cost? >> i think it was somewhere around $10,000. >>alisyn: wow. >> it was completely white. we decideed to spray paint it. we spent a weekend painting
4:26 am
it. we tried to do it on a low budget. this is what we got. >>tucker: how hard is it to start a business? viewers thinking i want to start my own business. how hard is it? >> we had to stick with the original -- i think we were overwhelmed by what we had to do. we got all the permits and we were all so excited about it. we were on the computer all the time looking things out. >>alisyn: so cool. taylor, you say you learned through trial and error. what was the biggest mistake you guys made? >> i think our first event was really -- the shaved ice machine broke a few times. we didn't have a cash register. >> little things but they are overwhelming when you have a long line of people. >> what's the bestseller?
4:27 am
where's the money? >> i thought ice cream would be the big thing but people love shaved ice and they love blue raspberry. >>alisyn: for all the kids that might have some sort of entrepreneurial idea, what is your advice? >> follow something you're passionate about. that is the most important thing. we love it so much and we're working with our best friend, everyday we wake up and we're so excited about it. >> are you looking to stay in the business? >> we're looking to sell the business. we love to do small businesses at some point. we're not business majors or anything, but we've learned so much. >>alisyn: you do want to sell the business. you want to pass it along to other entrepreneurs. what's the plan? >> somebody in the community hopefully, a college kid so we can give them all the things we learned and they can pass on that to another college
4:28 am
kid. >>tucker: i hope you kill it. i really do. >>alisyn: taylor, lindsay, steph, thanks so much. come down to midtown if you happen to be around and you want to cool off. >>tucker: next on the show, trapped in brazil. an american mom and her six-year-old daughter not allowed to leave. now the mom fears she'll be jailed. >>clayton: a company offering wigs for babies. why that company is now why that company is now under fire. wait a sec! i found our colors. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up...
4:29 am
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in thirty days or less... and that's pretty darn fast! because we believe you've got better things to do than to wait for months for your loan to close. super fast closings... one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze. ♪ [ dogs barking ] ♪ ♪ >> your shot of the morning. gates and cribs are no match for these hudinis in training. parents capturing their tots using james bond-like skills. crying and crawling their way to freedom is a basic human desire that beats strong in hearts even among babies. a video going viral on-line. >>alisyn: i always wondered how my daughters got out of their cribs.
4:32 am
i should have had a hidden cam in there. >> freedom is one of the most basic inspirations. >> you try everything to get these cribs set up in such a way they can't crawl through things. they're worse than dogs trying to escape backyards. >>alisyn: i love this. >> so good. look at this. i have some video here i want to show you guys. can you get this on camera three guys. this is my nephew cruze. we were in san francisco visiting him. my wife snapped this video. she saw him climbing out of the crib. he was born like last december. look at him. >>alisyn: he's straddling it. then he dangles for awhile. and he -- >>tucker: he's all tentative and then he's down. >>alisyn: once you get it once, you're golden. >>clayton: not enough bed sheets for a rope and he's gone to freedom.
4:33 am
>>tucker: bird man of alcatraz. >>alisyn: in the past hour we talked about how embarrassing it is for pets, dogs, if they have wrinkles or if their ears are a little askew, and so they need plastic surgery. in this hour, imagine how embarrassing it is for a baby to be bald. >> a website has devoted itself to fixing this problems. it is an epidemic. >>tucker: most babies are bald. >>clayton: they are rolling out wigs for babies. >>alisyn: that is the baby before on the right. that is her previously. look at this head of hair. >>clayton: looks like a cabbage patch doll. >>alisyn: that is somebody's doll. >>clayton: sorry. >>alisyn: look at the mature look once you slap a
4:34 am
wig on that. >>tucker: i was for this because i think bald babies, it's got to be embarrassing. these pictures are so creepy that i'm horrified. i actual think people should go to jail for doing that to a child. >>clayton: have you seen the cabbage patch doing wigs. enterprising women. what's going on with people? >>tucker: can you let babies be babies? >>alisyn: no, you can't. you need to make them even more adorable. >>tucker: if you're going to go hair, why not get a mull let. a john bon jovi hair, long locks. >>alisyn: who doesn't like john bon jovi's hair. meanwhile, how long can you guys hack it on a shopping trip to the mall? what's your out time? >>clayton: i've never been, so i wouldn't know. here's the thing. my wife makes fun of me
4:35 am
because i'm actually the only male you'll meet that actually enjoys going to the mall. she's like we've got to get in and get out. no, i'm like i want to flint around the stores and truck around. >>tucker: for real? >>clayton: if i go to costco, i have to go through every alley. >>alisyn: most men determine the most time they can hack it on a shopping trip is 26 minutes before you get mall fever. >>clayton: ask gavin our senior producer how long can he hang out at a mall. >> five minutes. >>clayton: with a smart phone, that's the thing -- he's in the control room -- that's as long as he can stay in the control room. >>tucker: men hate it. with a smart phone, you can sit on a bench and you're like i'm playing a game. you don't need to leave home because of amazon. you're an anomaly, sounds like a blessing, you like the mall. an overwhelming majorities of men don't. let me give you a piece of advice, it's like smoking.
4:36 am
if you don't want the habit, never do it one time. i never go to the mall under any circumstances. i never have. that way i'm never asked. we just know i'm not going to the mall. >>alisyn: i like that policy. i am a dude because i also hate shopping. 26 minutes sounds like a long time. >>tucker: you're a perfect woman. you don't like shopbg. >>alisyn: i get mall fever. the minute i go in, i feel like i can't breathe. i get sort bored. >>tucker: then you wander over to the cinnabon station. like bugs bunny being lured over there. >> the beauty about new york city is there's no mall. you can't go to a mall if you want to. all right, guys, today actually though might be a day to go to the mall because it's going to be incredibly hot across areas of the northeast and into
4:37 am
the central plains. take a look at the map. you can see not only is it going to be hot but it's going to be humid. today the heat index from richmond, virginia, through d.c., even up to bangor maine, upper 90s philly, going to feel like about 100 degrees. it is the one time when i'm going to say go to the mall, maybe a movie theater or the beach. today going to be humid, warm, mostly sunshine. down to the south take a look at this. this is where we've got the rain showers. some of that rain is going to be very heavy, some more flooding. take a look at some video out of new mexico. incredible hail fell across areas of new mexico this week. about a foot. in fact, some spots up to two feet of hail. this isn't the heaviest of that. they had to sweep off the roofs on a lot of these places. it was like winter.
4:38 am
it's going to stick around probably for a few weeks. going to look like snow in new mexico. >>clayton: thanks. a fox news alert. n.s.a. leaker edward snowden could be headed to nicarauga or venezuela. both left wing countries offered him asylum. the question is how will he get this from the moscow airport where he's holed up? we have the latest on this developing story. >> good morning, tucker, alisyn and clayton. neither country put forth a lot of details about how edward snowden might get from russia to their country, but venezuela and nicarauga say they want to come to n.s.a. leaker's aid. the venezualan president said in the name of the dignity to latin america they would offer him sigh lump so they could avoid, quote, persecution by the u.s.
4:39 am
madeira said he, meaning snowden, is a young man who told the truth in the spirit of rebellion about the united states spying on the whole world. nicarauga also is considering opening its doors to snowden, -- quote -- "if the circumstances allow it," according to to president daniel ortega. ortega said they are studying his formal request for asylum but said, quote, we have the sovereign right to help a person who felt remorse after finding out how the united states was using technology to spy on the whole world and especially its urinal lice." -- european allies. for now snowden is holed up in a moscow hotel as he tries to find a country to take him in. >>alisyn: let's get to your headlines to tell you what else is happening. an emotional end to the week at the george zimmerman trial. a family clashed over that 911 call. trayvon martin's mother and george zimmerman's mother said it was their own son
4:40 am
screaming in the background. >> that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> who do you recognize that to be? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> whose voice was that? >> my son george. >> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >>alisyn: a medical examiner also testified that martin was shot through the heart but may have lived up to ten minutes after the altercation. prosecutors rested their case and the defense asked the judge to dismiss the trial, but she refused. >> a company dispute trapped a massachusetts mother and daughter in brazil for more than a month. seana hayden says she took her daughter to south america to see her father for the first time in three years. once she arrived she learned he planned to keep
4:41 am
ava. they filed a custody dispute. their passports were confiscated but officials claim they will be given back. a college student in florida planned on hitting the waves but was hit by something more terrifying. >> five feet away from me i see two fins come out of the water so i start swimming away, and look back on my back and saw it come out of the water and bite my foot. >> coleen malone had a near deadly encounter with a bull shark. the shark bite left her with a gash on her foot that required 50 stitches. she suffered no long-term damage. she said it will not keep her out of the water for long. >> a canadian pastry chef
4:42 am
has come up with a croissant stuffed with oreo cookies. it took several tries to get the right shape. now he says customers are lining up to buy them. >>clayton: to eat them, you also take time to get back in the right shape. that cronut was incredible. >> every cameraman showed up in this studio for them. >>clayton: america is supposed to be the land of the free but our neighbors to the north are letting people live with more liberty. our next guest says canada is the new dream. ♪ ♪ dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ] look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
mccarthy as appeared several times as a guest and is said to be well liked. over to tucker. >>tucker: america is the land of the free and home of the brave, but economically how free are we? at least in relative terms. and how about compared to canada? an index from the heritage foundation in washington shows canada coming in sixth while america -- buckle your seat belt -- came in tenth. so is america really less free than canada? and if so why? joining us is author and columnist for the daily caller, also investment advisor in the u.s. and canada and a dual u.s.-canadian citizen. theo, thanks for joining. i think of canada our socialist buddy to the north. it's freer than us now economically? >> no need for you to take it personally, tucker, because we don't need to be offensive by it. the fact is it's not a new thing. for decades people have said canadian taxes are higher than those in the united states. not true. personal and corporate
4:47 am
rates in canada are lower than they are in the united states. the highest in canada 29%. highest rate here in the united states 39%. corporately, 15% corporate tax rate. in the united states highest tax rate in the world, 35%. for small business it gets even better because most small businesses, most companies, ostensibly they create 70% of the new jobs in america, they pay at the personal rate, small business at 39% tax. that is before we get to sarbanes, oxley, dodd-frank. >>tucker: how did this happen? where do we get this idea that canada is socialist and america is capitalist? blame francis scott key. the truth is no match for a slogan. we keep saying the land of the free and keep putting it on banners and flags, but the fact is incrementally these things
4:48 am
happen. i've learned more, talking about taxes, the united states demands their businesses, families, business associates file and pay taxes, even if they don't live in america. the only major country in the world that says we don't care if you spend one second on our soil, we expect you to file your taxes and pay them. taxation without representation, i could have sworn i read that someplace. >>tucker: th he -- theo, that is stunning. we can still beat canada in a pedal fight. dual citizen, that is an interesting and disturbing set of facts. thanks. the prosecution rests its case in the zimmerman trial after intense two weeks of testimony. how did it go? a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> the running of the turtles or more like slowly
4:49 am
crawling with the turtles. an effort to make sure a long voyage to the sea is a success. coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. ♪ and i'll never desert you ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you yeaaaah! yeah. so that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled,
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4:52 am
>>alisyn: after nine days of testimony and 38 witnesses called to the stand, the prosecution in the george zimmerman trial rested its case. so did these key witnesses help or hurt? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, a defense attorney and former prosecutor. welcome. you say the prosecution has done a great job at the wrong thing. what does that mean? >> the prosecution in this case has done a great job
4:53 am
of proving reasonable doubt, which is ironic and funny because that's not the prosecution's job. >>alisyn: how did they do that? >> you know how they did it? they had rested. the prosecution has rested. if the jury had to make a decision today, if the defense did not put on a single witness, i think the jury has to come back with an acquittal because the state did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable charge on a murder 2 charge. they didn't do it. >>alisyn: do you agree, david? >> i agree with that assessment but as a prosecutor you've got to find ways to pull it out. you don't pick your witnesses from central casting. the key here to negate the self-defense, give up on the murder and have the lesser included manslaughter. that is what no one is talking about, manslaughter, culpable tpheg skwrepblgs. you can prove -- negligence. >> they would have to ignore the theory of self-defense in order to get to manslaughter. you can't. i think the prosecution has
4:54 am
proven the defense in the self-defense claim. >> i'm not sure about that. under this theory i have, the murder's out the window. i agree with you. >>alisyn: can they pivot, even though he has been charged with murder? >> absolutely. under florida law the manslaughter is lesser included. it's automatic. you have to request that from the judge. i believe that is going to happen in this case. they'll negate the self-defense and they'll be stuck with the manslaughter which could be interesting. >> judge, you put george zimmerman on the stand? >> i say no way. we don't have to put him on the stand now because the videotapes or audio confessions or admissions by george zimmerman, the state put into evidence for him. he was not subject to cross-examination by doing it that way. in those three audio tapes or videotapes, he basically lays out a perfect self-defense claim. why risk putting him on the stand and be subject to cross-examination? you never what's going to happen. it's not necessary. >> i'm not sure this is a
4:55 am
perfect self-defense claim. zimmerman was pursuing trayvon that night. there was a fight that broke out. i'm not sure based on any of the evidence -- >> based on the hedge head -- head injuries, based on the broken nose. the big question is who was screaming on the 911 tapes. >> i do believe we may have a manslaughter here, but the prosecution has to come to play at summations and put this all together and show the jury how reckless zimmerman was acting that night. >>alisyn: do you think it matters there was contradictory assessment of who was screaming on the 911 tapes? >> i think that will be a wash. right now we have two mothers, one saying it's my son, the other one saying it's her son. the jury is going to have to disregard that. when the jury disregards evidence, that is a point in favor of the defense because the defense only needs to prove reasonable doubt. >>alisyn: we've heard your theory, david. you think they'll go for the lesser included charge
4:56 am
for manslaughter. what do you think the outcome will be? >> i don't think the jury can ignore self-defense. if you find zimmerman acted in self-defense, you don't get to manslaughter. you only get to manslaughter if you're kroeuplsing in a way you -- compromising in a way you shouldn't be compromising. >> i don't think the jury will come back with manslaughter but i think if they're going to win the case that is the charge they have to go with. >> thanks for the debate. an important warning this morning from one of the nation's most popular grocery stores. how bad cheese has killed one person and landed others in the hospital. we'll tell you which one. muslim brotherhood is returning fire in egypt after their president has been tossed from power. has the obama administration taken the wrong side in this developing civil war? governor mike huckabee here with his take at the top of with his take at the top of the hour.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
>>alisyn: good morning. today is saturday, july 6. i'm alisyn camerota. we start with a fox news alert. a train carrying 80 tankers of flammable lick -- liquid
5:00 am
derailed in a residential neighborhood and hundreds of people are forced to evacuated. details ahead. >> n.s.a. leaker edward snowden may have found asylum. two countries offering him a place to go. the question remains will he ever get out of moscow? we've got details. >>clayton: a whole new meaning to taking the plunge. meet the woman turned hero who rescued a drowning boy during her engagement photo shoot. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>tucker: welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. the question this morning: how long do men like to go shopping with their wives? the answer we have coming up for you. it's a remarkably little amount of time. i love to shop, aly hates to shop, which is shocking.
5:01 am
viewers tweeted said i love to go shopping with the wife and picking out most of her clothes, shoes and -- >>tucker: what a suck-up. i respect you for pretending that. you're saying that to curry favor with your wife, which i get. the machiavellian tactic i can respect. >>alisyn: continue to send your comments on twitter. we'll read some of those. >>tucker: let's check with our own ricky. how hot is it going to be? might be a good time to go to a mall >> across the east coast it is hot and humid. 79 in new york city this morning. 76 in raleigh. it's humid out there. it feels like tempe 80's alread. it's kind of to the east of all that rain you see. the setup we're dealing with has been stuck for the last couple of weeks. we have had a high pressure, the bermuda high.
5:02 am
rotations around that continues to put moisture across anywhere to the west of it. now that stream is steady across parts of the panhandle of florida, throughout alabama, georgia, the carolinas and parts of the ohio valley. anywhere to the east of that is hot, anywhere to the west is cooler, not cool but a little bit cooler. we've had incredible rainfalls the past few days. since wednesday, there are spots in the panhandle of florida that has seen 20 inches of rain. today, mid 90s across the plains. >>alisyn: let's get to headlines. a fox news alert, a short time ago a train derailed in canada sparking a major fire. police say 73 of the train's cars were carrying crude oil to quebec. witnesses say they could hear explosions and they could see these massive flames from miles away. fire fighters from several cities are working to put out the fire at this hour.
5:03 am
meanwhile, hundreds of people have been evacuated. no word of any casualties at this time. it is not yet known what caused this train to derail. another fox news alert, n.s.a. leaker edward snowden is being offered asylum in nicarauga and venezuela this morning. the presidents from both countries speaking out saying snowden could live there. venezuela's president maduro said his country can offer a place, quote, without persecution from the empire, referring to the united states. snowden asked for asylum from several countries. many turned him down. now he is reportedly still stuck in that holtz in the moscow -- in the hotel in the moscow hotel. in the aaron hernandez murder case, a grand jury will hear from a man who claims hernandez shot him in february after an argument in a nightclub and he lost his eye. this man accused of being
5:04 am
with hernandez when owe odin lloyd -- odin lloyd was killed is being brought back to massachusetts. hernandez is accused of orchestrating the killing of lloyd. whole foods is recalling crave brothers le frere cheese for possible contamination. according to the reports one person died. the cheese has been made in wisconsin, sold in at least 30 states. anyone with the cheese should throw it away immediately. those of your headlines. get home to your refrigerator immediately. >> crowds growing again in cairo, egypt, this morning. here's a live look outside a pro-morsi rally just four days after the coup that forced the country's president from power. 30 people were killed yesterday during a series
5:05 am
of violent demonstrations there. connor powell is live in cairo with the very latest on the developments at this hour. good morning, connor. >> good morning, clayton. egypt is officially not under martial law, but there is a heavy military presence here in cairo and really across the country there are a lot of roads blocked, bridges that are closed. military troops and vehicles all over the city, all over the country trying to keep the peace. already we are hearing that a coptic christian was shot dead by a gunman in the sinai region in the western part of egypt. we're also hearing that at least 30 people were killed over the violence last night. hundreds if not thousands more were injured as police and military clashed of pro-morsi, promuslim brotherhood. fighting was primitive fighting at times with sticks and stones and hand-to-hand combat on many of the streets. it was violence, intense fighting. that is the level of anger
5:06 am
and feeling here in egypt right now. both sides are very, very angry at each other. the muslim brotherhood is still maintaining a peaceful sit-in protest outside the republican guard headquarters where we believe president morsi -- former president morsi is being held. they are calling on supporters to take to the streets again tonight and tomorrow and to maintain this protest. we heard general sisi met with the new president mansour what we're not hearing is anyone in the new government meeting with the muslim brotherhood leaders. it seems tensions are still high and are not going anywhere. >>clayton: we'll check back a little bit later in the show. meanwhile we want to bring in governor mike huckabee from little rock, arkansas, who has been monitoring development in egypt as well. governor, great to see you. >> happy 4th of july weekend to all of you.
5:07 am
>>clayton: what should we think about what is happening in egypt? what should our policy be? >> we've got to reevaluate what policy led us here. this is an administration that gave tanks to a president who said the jews were bloodsuckers and called them descendants of apes and pigs. we should have demanded an apology, demanded retraction before we gave military hardware to someone who is that hostile to a neighbor he has been at peace with or his country has been at peace with for the past 35 years. this was an outrageous thing that our government seemed to look the other way. >>alisyn: governor, now that morsi is out and we're watching the turmoil and the unrest and the violence there, is this really a good thing for the united states? how do we capitalize on what's happened now? >> disruption is never a good thing, but it may be a good thing that the muslim brotherhood has been brushed back by the people of egypt. the people of egypt are good and wonderful people. for many, many years
5:08 am
they've lived with a version of islam that was not radical. they lived lives that had western influence. if they wanted to be very strict phupls -- muslims they were able to do that. there was also allowance for christians in egypt. under the muslim brotherhood churches have been burned, christians persecuted. even those who do not accept the more radical form of islam have been brutalized. the only good thing is the muslim brotherhood has been exposed for the brutal regime they are and hopefully they are not going to be back in power. >>clayton: governor, we're getting breaking news into our studio that a christian priest in egypt has been shot and killed. just now we're learning this here. we'll have more details on that as it emerges in cairo. it is still unfolding at this hour. i have to get your perspective now, governor, because we've seen all of these protests. we've seen signs anti-obama. they have been linking
5:09 am
president obama and the obama administration to the muslim brotherhood seen as being too cozy with the muslim brotherhood. how in the world did that happen? >> i think it happened because of the naivete of this president who went to cairo a few years ago. i honestly believe he thought he was so persuasive he could charm the snake back into the basket. clearly he can't. he's dealing with something that is not going to be resolved by rhetoric, even his brilliant and lofty rhetoric. this is a president who has got to understand that we face a very serious threat in jihad. and jihad breeds terrorism all over the world. it creates hezbollah, hamas. these are not people who want to sit down, drink tea and make nice with us. these are people who want to kill us. they want to kill every last one of us. they want to kill the other muslims who do not agree with their radical version of it. until this president understands that this is a serious, a clear and present danger to every living being on the planet earth, then i think we're going to continue to see an administration making huge
5:10 am
foreign policy mistakes. >>tucker: i wonder if we have time to reorient the lens through which we see foreign policy itself. one of the criteria we look for in deciding whether or not to support another country is is the government democratically elected. this is what the bush administration argued when we pushed for elections in gaza, for example, with terrible results. shouldn't we evaluate other countries purely in terms of whether they're nice to the united states, whether their existence helps the united states? shouldn't our foreign policy be about helping our own country first and foremost? >> you know, we really had a schizophrenic foreign policy. we say we want them to be democratically elected, then why have we been such good friend with saudi arabia? you see signs of democracy there? zero. we've had a completely inconsistent foreign policy. not just with obama. let's be fair. republicans have played the same game. what we need to do is to real the purpose of the
5:11 am
american government is to serve america and its people and its interests. it is not to placate and not to somehow try to believe that it's going to be loved by everybody else in the world. in fact, right now i don't ever remember a time when we've been held in more contempt around the world when you have the french foreign minister dressing down the ambassador at a 4th of july party over spying in public. this is not exactly what i call prime time for the united states image. >>alisyn: governor, very quickly, you think that we keep our billion-plus dollars flowing to egypt now? >> i think we let them know that it's going to be conditioned upon whether they're going to be tolerant of the christians in egypt and other muslims, the secular side of egypt. if not, why should we continue to give them money? i know the rationale is we've got to keep them on our good side. what good side? i don't see the good side coming on here. i see riots in the streets and people getting killed and rights being crushed and women being treated
5:12 am
like personal property. >>clayton: to your point about being fair and kind to christians, again, if you're just waking up, we just heard reported here a christian pastor shot and killed in these protests. governor huckabee is with us this morning. we're going to carry the governor over and talk more about the other big stories of the morning, including this: obamacare. a portion of obamacare being delayed until 2014. governor, we're going to get his thoughts on that coming unnext. >>tucker: the price of beauty for your dog. why some dog owners -- not a lot -- but some are paying big bucks for face lifts, tummy tucks and possibly canine botox. details ahead.
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> the obama administration making a major and possibly very political move this week. they announced a delay in the employer mandate of obamacare until after the 2014 mid term election. that means they will not fine businesses for failing to sign up for obamacare. republicans, of course, still plan to campaign on the issue of obamacare. they say democrats should be forced to defend the health care law. we're back again with governor mike huckabee, who is possibly the coolest and wisest head to ask the
5:16 am
obvious question which is is this a political winner for the obama people? >> no. i loved it when you said it may be a political move. >>tucker: it's early. i'm trying to be diplomatic. >> for you, tucker, that's very good. i'm very proud of you. here's what you need to brace yourself for. here's why the obama people shouldn't get too overconfident they made a smart move. yes, they've taken off the implementation for after the 2014 elections for big businesses but guess who it's still on? individuals. you know who is going to get hit the hardest? young people. you know why. most young people didn't have insurance or it was so expensive because they got -- so inexpensive because they got maybe 1,000 a year. under obamacare they will be paying $4,000 to $5,000 a year or more. this is the group of people who have the least amount of money and they will get hit the hardest with the
5:17 am
biggest premium increases. that will hit them in 2014. all of this love of how thank you, obama, is going to be like what, obama? what did you do to us? why are we paying out this money and you're making me break the law by not spending up the rest of my wallet? >>clayton: the politics side pushing it past the 2014 elections so there's not jobs lost as a result of it. it helps the democrats arguably. the substantive side of this is also interesting to me which is the money side of this. the c.b.o. in 2012 said what makes this make money are the penalties that the obamacare would put on small businesses that aren't paying this mandate. the obama administration was sort of hanging its hat on the amount of money that would be flowing into the coffers as a result of it. you take that off the table and it doesn't seem to be all that solvent, does it? >> no, it doesn't. remember that obamacare can only work when very, very healthy people buy into the system and buy insurance they're not actually going to use. here's what happens.
5:18 am
younger people who don't need a great deal of health coverage will be subsidizing their grandparents. i know that kids love their grandparents, but most of them, just as they're getting out with huge student loan bills, starting to try to get their families going, buy a house and a car, they're not interested right now in helping grandma pay for her dental implants. what we've got is a situation where when the reality of obamacare hits -- and a lot of young people won't do it -- this house of cards collapses because there isn't enough foundation money to pay for it. without total participation, it cannot economically work. the numbers don't lie about this. >>alisyn: so, governor, what do you think is going to happen? is the employer mandate really going to happen a year from now? >> i don't think so. i think the democrats are going to get spooked again when they start understanding how ominous this is going to hit the younger voters that they depend on. i think you're going to see a similar action that they will delay the
5:19 am
implementation. i think it's a great opportunity for republicans to remind americans that this is owned solely, completely by the democrats who voted for something they didn't read and who actually said, as nancy pelosi so famously reminded us, we will know what's in the bill after we pass it. now we know, and we don't like it. it's time to get rid of obamacare and get rid of the people who shoved it up our nose. >>clayton: governor, who's on your show tonight, 8 p.m.? >> we've got a fascinating insight into a program called blue ways. it's a program that's being kind of very quietly launched by the department of interior, and we focus on the white river blue ways that by the way, late on wednesday afternoon just before 4 of july the department of interior pulled away. i think because they knew we were investigating it. we've got a feature tonight. worth watching. hope you'll see it. >>tucker: i will watch
5:20 am
it. i'm not even sure what it is sounds -- no, really, sounds fantastic. >> thank you. >>tucker: next up, this bad guy never saw it coming. dressed like a true patriot, he comes to the rescue. it is caught on camera. >>alisyn: block buster or bust? are these weekends's movies worth your money? next. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> 23 minutes past the hour. this is a moment you've been waiting for. twinkies returning to store shelves later this month and some batches will be
5:24 am
frozen before delivered. some stores said they need to be them frozen to lengthen their shelf life. turtles gone viral. more than 100 baby turtles caught on camera heading out to sea. the newly hashed loggerhead turtles are considered endangered species. adorable. this prompted conservationists to form a human wall to help guide the turtles safely to the sea. that's cute. >> it's a holiday weekend and if you're looking to get out of the heat, what better place than the movies? from minions and despicable me 2, block busters or bombs? >>alisyn: joining us now is kevin mccarthy. >> good morning. good to see you guys. >>alisyn: you've been doing a lot of movie watching. you want to start by telling us about the lone
5:25 am
ranger? >> johnny depp, directed by gore vadinsky. this is based on the popular radio show turned into a television vo in -- show in the 40s and 50 50s. the positive thing is the beginning 30 minutes and ending 30 minutes are solid. the action works. it's that middle hour and a half that is absolutely dreadful. it is so long, it's overly violent, it's too confusing. this is a pg-13 disney film, and parents are always asking me is a pg-13 movie okay for my kids. not this one. this is one of the most violent pg-13 movies i've seen. johnny depp is only playing jack sparrow playing tonto. it is not like jack sparrow the entire time.
5:26 am
i was not a fan of this film. i sat down with johnny depp. you can check out the interview. i was not a fan. i gave it a two and a half out of five. i'm going to lower my rating -- >> did you tell him that when you talked to him? did you say johnny, i'm not a fan of the movie? >> i did not. you've got to be respectful when you walk into the interview room. he didn't ask me thankfully. he doesn't watch his own movies so i did not recommend it to him. i recommended edward scissor hands. i'm lowering my rating on the air. the more i think about this movie, i'm giving it a two. two out of five. >> next year on the show, we bring him back he's going to revise it down. >>clayton: despicable me 2 for kids, is this one worth the money? >> listen, i loved despicable me 1 and the main reason sthoes minions.
5:27 am
-- the main reason is those minions. the first one had a great character development becoming a bad guy to a good guy. this one doesn't live up to the first one but it is still a solid family entertainment movie. the first two acts of the movie are a little slow but the minions elevate it. once you get to the third act and get the message, the comedy works, the action is great. i love the music. i gave it a three and a half out of five. it is worth seeing in 3-d. stay through the credits. it is a three and a half out of five. >>tucker: what are your top five of the year so far? >> this is an interesting list. these are my favorite movies of the year. i understand my first one is a little bit divisive and clayton, i know you disagree with me. i love man of steel. i've seen it three times. a brilliant action movie.
5:28 am
i just love it so much. i gave it four and a half out of five. number two is called the place beyond the pines. this is a movie starring bradley cooper and ryan gosling about legacy and passing down to your children. brilliant film, d.v.d. on august 6. my number three movie came out this friday, called the way, way back. a coming of age story, i love that movie. number four, i only like this movie because of the film making and the music. it's called spring breakers. not for kids whatsoever. but i enjoyed the film making element. number five, this is my turn your brain off, sit down in the theater and enjoy movie. fast and furious 6. i had fun with it. it is a fun turn your brain off action movie. everyone needs one of those every once in a while. >>clayton: i'm a big fan of terrible movies. what was your worst movie of the year so far? >> so far this year the
5:29 am
worst movie besides lone ranger would be identity thief. i love melissa mccarthy, she was great in brides maids. but identity thief was beyond annoying. i would rather stare at a wall for eight hours than ever see that movie again. >>alisyn: kevin, great to see you. thanks for all the pointers. >> kevin's rating for lone ranger just went down to zero. >> if you have movie questions follow me on twitter at kevin mccarthy tv. >>clayton: it started as an engagement photo shoot but turned into a rescue mission when this bride to be raced in to save a drowning boy. >>alisyn: dog spenders pending big bucks to get their pooch plastic their pooch plastic surgery.
5:30 am
i found our colors. we've made a decision. great, let's go get you set up... we need brushes. you should check out our workshops... push your color boundaries while staying well within your budget walls. i want to paint something else. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the the home depot. right now get $5 off one-gallon cans and $20 off five-gallon buckets of select paints and stains
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5:32 am
>> look at that. >>alisyn: we're here in midtown, a steamy morning. we're happy for all the people who turned out to visit us. >>clayton: if you walk outside, it's like you're walking into a hot baguette, a hot loaf of bread. >> that sounds more
5:33 am
appealing than it feels right now. >>alisyn: let's talk about if you are a pet lover and pet owner, have you ever considered plastic surpblry for your pets -- plastic surgery for your pet? apparently more dog owners are doing this to get their puppy a tummy tuck. >>clayton: how many dog owners do we have here? would you guys ever get plastic surgery for your dog? >>alisyn: it will help their self-esteem. >>tucker: it seems grotesque. i was against plastic surgery. i have a friend with a sister-in-law who was the most unpleasant person in the world, had breast enhancement, became a nice person. >>clayton: there is a moral to the story. >>tucker: there is. if it makes the dog happy, go for it. >>alisyn: we have a picture -- >>clayton: this was an ear lift. >>alisyn: look at the dog on the left. this is a doberman.
5:34 am
you can see how sad he looks. on the right he has had mesh implants. >>tucker: and botox around the eyes. >>clayton: as a man who has wilted large ear syndrome, am i right? should i get ear implants? >>tucker: they like your ears the way they are. >>clayton: $10,000 procedure. botox injection. what kind of dog needs botox injection? >>alisyn: sharpei. $13,000 you can spend on a tupl ni tuck as -- on a tummy tuck as one owner did in the u.k. >>clayton: also in story, and i'm going to talk about it, it's here on paper, not making it up, many owners are getting silicon
5:35 am
testicle implants. >>tucker: this is a real thing. they are called nuticels. after the hro*gz feel emasculated -- a lot of dogs feel emasculated in the park. you get the fake once in there and nobody knows. >>alisyn: our producer is yelling so loudly in my ear saying talk. what do you have to say about nuticles. >> you could have called them cronuts. happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> we have some hot steamy weather for you to enjoy as you're walking around new york city. take a look at the weather map. another place that has not been able to escape bad weather the last week and a
5:36 am
half or so has been atlanta. you cannot get out of the clouds and get out of the rain. this is this morning, a picture sent to me from mark doser on twitter. 72 degrees. today more showers, heavy thunderstorms moving in from time to time. no real break it looks like in atlanta. maybe by thursday we'll start to see the sun break through. but this pattern unfortunately holds. keep s-pbgd your -- sending your pictures. hot temps across the coastal areas. a good day to be at the beach. mostly sunny skies. no rain showers along the beach. more flooding going on into the southern plains. northern plains, a few thunderstorms popping up into south dakota and north dakota. look at video out of colorado. big thunderstorms that we saw move across the area also. we had seen fires across some of this area, up around the fort collins area. look at what that rain does
5:37 am
on the fire-burned areas. it looks like lava, all that ash and water moving through across manitou springs, colorado. we need the rain. we'll take it. this is what happens sometimes. >>alisyn: thanks, rick. let's get to your headlines. an emotional end to the week at the george zimmerman trial as families clashed over those controversial 911 call. trayvon martin's mother and george zimmerman's mother said it was their own son screaming in the background. [screaming] >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> whose voice was a that? >> my son george. >> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >>alisyn: a medical examiner also testified that martin was shot
5:38 am
through the heart and may have lived up to ten minutes after the altercation. prosecutors rested their case and the defense asked the judge to dismiss the trial, but she refused. nearly 12 years after the 9/11 attacks, some the jeffrey wall. a medical examiner identifying the new york fire fighter's remains on friday. walz was inside the trade tower when it collapsed. his name was etched on the 9/11 memorial. his family says they feel positive identification is a sign that jeffrey is looking down on them. more than 1,000 victims of the 9/11 attacks still remain unidentified. caught on camera a good samaritan tackles an escaped convict at a 7-levin -- 7-eleven store. the store was eight miles from a prison so employees put up a picture of myers in case he showed up. then he did, and they were
5:39 am
ready. >> i knew -- i was just trying to stay calm and try not to show that i know this is the guy. >>alisyn: people in the store tied him up and held him until police arrived. >> a woman saved a drowning boy during her engagement photo shoot and it was caught on cam rafplt you can see the boy who waded into the water. a quick-thinking fiancee jumped after him. it turns out she was a life guard and paramedic. everyone was shaking up but the little boy appeared to be okay. >>tucker: n.s.a. leaker edward snowden could be headed to nicarauga or sequences way la. both -- nicarauga or venezuela. both offered asylum. the question is how will he
5:40 am
get from the moscow airport. >> good morning. we don't know if there are any conditions on this offer, but venezualan president nicholas maduro said edward snowden can live out his days in the homeland of former venezualan president hugo chavez. maduro made the remarks yesterday, july 5, which is venezuela's independence day. there are no direct flights from moscow to venezuela but it is possible he could fly through cuba to get there. maduro said yesterday venezuela decided to offer humanitarian asylum to edward snowden so he can live without persecution from the empire, meaning the u.s. the offer comes one day after leftist south american leaders including maduro gathered in bolivia to protest the reruth of the bolivian -- rerouting
5:41 am
of the bolivian plane because european governments received information that snowden was on that plane. he wasn't. snowden also may get an offer of asylum from nicarauga. nicarauga president ortega said yesterday -- quote -- "if circumstances allow it, snowden may be able to come live this." he would not specify what conditions or circumstances those would be. ortega says the embassy in moscow received snowden's request for asylum and is studying it. >>alisyn: thank you. >>clayton: coming up, what you see in a movie like titanic may not always be the full picture. our next guest says hollywood experts are censoring the movies for communists in china.
5:42 am
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>>alisyn: 44 ph-pbs past the hour. time for headlines. 1600 pennsylvania avenue up for sale. it's true but it's not the white house. a new apartment building is going up and it's being called washington's most prestigious address. it's 1600 penn southeast. the white house address is
5:45 am
northwest, about five miles away. could this be the most amazing pitch ever? a south korean gymnast showed off her flexibility. that is fancy footwork. the players watching from the dugout are either dumb struck or love struck. i see what's happening. you're love struck, clayton. clayton? >>clayton: i was watching the video. >>alisyn: you like that. let's go to tucker. >>tucker: as the chinese economy continues to grow so does its influence on america's movie market. movie producers admit they are changing plot lines and character features to appease china to get their
5:46 am
movies in chinese theaters. here to discuss that disturbing trend, it is hard to imagine it is happening? >> only 34 films gain access to the chinese market which is the second biggest in the world every year. through this narrow funnel all of these studios are competing, and they will basically change any film if necessary in order to get cleared by the chinese censors. >> that is truly disgusting. these are the people lecturing us, academy awards every year about artistic freedom, standing up for what is true in the face of government and they are sucking up to the dictatorship in china? >> sometimes they do it before the officials in china demand it. red dog, they remade it last year. in the remake it was the chinese who were doing the conquering of america. but before it was released, the studio spent $1 million
5:47 am
to digitally rub out the uniform patches and insignias on the tanks that would be the north koreans invading, not chinese. >>tucker: james cameron says my reality is i've made two films in the past three years that have been resounding successes in china. this is an important market for me so i'm going to do what's necessary to continue having this important market for my films. in other words, i'm making money doing it, so, yes, i will do the bidding of my communist overlords in beijing. >> that answer was in response to a question: do you ever consult with chinese filmmakers about the censorship problems they face? he says that is not my reality. >>tucker: his reality is i get rich while people are imprisoned or executed, chained to sewing machines. >> i understand business is business, but let's stop the pratt -- prattle about
5:48 am
artistic freedom. this is about pure bottom line. someday china is going to be free and at some point we're going to have to answer to the chinese people who say you said you were our friends. you said you stood up for freedom and democracy. we had that statue goddess of liberty in tiananmen square but how did you behave? >>tucker: unbelievable, john fund, thank you for bringing it to our attention. don't take your vitamins without seeing our next segments. what you should be looking for on the label before you pop even another pill. parents, ever wonder how your babies get out of their baby gate or crib? some of the best escape artists coming up. watch this. ♪
5:49 am
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5:51 am
5:52 am
well they make big claims to make you lose weight. >> there are dangers about supplements. it is great to have you here. i was stunned to learn there are 54,000 supplements on the market and they are not even all regulated. >> no, they are not. the first time was in 1994 when congress passed the health and education act.
5:53 am
all ingredients had gone through some regulatory process said they were deemed to be safe. they supplements marketed after that, we don't have any strin gent regulation on those. >> natural isn't the same as kae safe. >> the perfect example of this is efedra. it is a chinese herb that is over 5,000 years old. it is the active in greed yept ient in over-the-counter nasal deacongestants. in patients who have heart issues taking it can result in
5:54 am
significantly bad outcomes and even death. >> you said your doctor needs to know. >> we go through a list of med contin sins. >> what i ask patients to do is write down all medications that they are taking. they don't understand that supplements can affect how the prescription medicine is affecting their body. meaning that it can affect the amounts. >> in order for a prescription or over-the-counter medicine to gain fda approval, it has to
5:55 am
undergo the trial. supplements don't have to kind of regulation. >> you have to read labels with a grain of salt. what the supplement makers are doing is they are listing in order their product. the first ingredient should be what it contains the most of. the supplement maker may not only describe it as a blend or formula. they sometimes over estimate or under estimate what is in the supplement. >> are people throwing their many away? >> there is evidence that team do nothing for our body at all. >> people taking these every morning spending so much money and wasting it.
5:56 am
there has been so much interesting news. that can lead to os toe yoprosis. that may be a little bit the exception to the rule. but people are mistaking is that they are going to be able to create a healthy body in a pill form. it is still going to be able to go back to a healthy diet. >> comip here on the show. more news on that news alert. the train derailment on the entire town. broiking details on that coming up. >> and starting with a quote blank slate. why this fix could break homes. nature's true celebrities
5:57 am
5:58 am
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6:00 am
will he go to venezuela, nicaragua or somewhere else. >> ever wonder how they're baby got out of their crib? we have the best escape artists from the baby world coming up. hour four is starting right now. did you ever try to escape from your crib tucker? >> yeah, i claimed i was going out for a smoke break and i noted the sheets together and then i was over the wall and out. >> but first, a fox news alert.
6:01 am
crowds rolling again in cairo egypt this morning. this is a live look outside a rally. this morning, gun men killed a christian priest in the northern sinai region. 30 people were killed yesterday. hunter powell is live for us with the latest on what is happening with the story. this is stronger in this area. this area is where the military is never really controlled here.
6:02 am
we will likely see more extremist activity. during the night we saw violence across egypt and thousands were injured in street fights and we saw brutal fighting here hand to hand sticks and stones and it was sort of primitive fighting and across places like alexandria. the top commander met with the leader here. we don't know what they are talking about. but it doesn't appear that easer side is reaching out to the muslim brother hood leaders. there is a sit-in protest here. they are calling for larger demonstrations here tomorrow. the muslim brotherhood remains
6:03 am
angry. they want him to be removed and reinstated as president. more violence is probably on the way, tucker. >> thank you so much for the update. be careful out there. let's get to your headlines now. another fox news alert. a train derailed in canada sparking a major fire that you can see on your screen. 73 of the train's cars were carrying crude oil. they could see the flames up to 15 miles away. meanwhile, 1,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes no word of anytycasualties. nsa leaker being offered asylum
6:04 am
in nick wag and venezuela. he has asked for asylum in many countries and many have turned him down. there are new developments in the aar aon hernandez came. all this while a man accused of being with hernandez is being brought pack to massachusetts. turned himself into police last month he has been named as an accessory after the fact. he has been accused in the killing of lloyd. check out these clever escape
6:05 am
artists. check out these tots jui th tots bond life skills. they don't like being incarcerated. >> of course they don't. there goes one she is going to help her accomplice now. >> she lowered the door for her brother. of course they get outside and they realize they need food and have to go back. >> i don't know if they are being freedom is the deepest aspiration of my human heart.
6:06 am
instinct says, you are laughing because you are seeing yourself on tv? >> that is why because of that. it is going to be hot across areas of the east. take a look at what happens throughout the day today. hot around 11:00 in the morning feeling like 95. 98 around 3:00. boston 96. we cool down later on but the cities are going to remain warm into the evening hours. this is the bermuda high pulling up tropical moisture around the south. throughout this week that trough is going to lift towards the north and allow the showers to increase again towards the sea board. so, kind of this pattern continues. we will see a break where we have seen the heavy rain across
6:07 am
the south. another four to six inches in areas where we have seen 20 inches across florida. that is the rain and we have doelt wi dealt with temperatures across the west. that fire in yarnell is at 90% containment. more showers today and tomorrow. all right back to you inside. >> it is the summertime and you think part-time jobs. they are heading out and getting those part-time jobs. that may be partly true. this rise in part-time workers. it turns out there was another difficult worker to swallow. the amount of people who have given up looking for work and
6:08 am
the amount of jobs that have fallen in this country. the rate is still at 7.6. it has been above 7.5 for months. full-time jobs versus part-time jobs. 47% of american peops have full jobs. and the reasons are many. dpo government regulation. you are entitled says the government to all kinds of expensive benefits. here is the most scary thing to meditate on. if 47% of americans have full-time jobs, that means they are paying for the other 53% who
6:09 am
don't. you don't want that. as others point to good signs in the economy. and the housing sector coming back. it still is an anemic recovery and he said look, small businesses are being hurt because of the nature of obamacare. they don't understand how to implement it. they are going to seminars and workshops to figure out how to do it. listen. >> let's not forget that this was forced by small businesses and groups that said the ceo of restaurants said i'm going to have to move people to 29 hours. you are telling me that 30 hours
6:10 am
is full time employment. that means a lot of people who are working right now at 40 hours a week at the lowest scale that they would take a hit. all right so what are americans doing if they are not working. there is a new study out that has surprising results. you know how we have heard results that say we are all sleep deprived? >> who are these people. >> on average americans are sleeping 8 hours and 44 minutes a day. >> and spending on personal care 9.5 hours a week on personal care. grooming? shaving, getting massages. >> they have a lot of free time in this economy. >> 53% of americans do not have
6:11 am
full-time jobs. >> sports leagues 5.4 hours. >> well that is for leisure and sports. >> we are not just all running out with our softball league. >> you think almost three hours a day of television is low. that is a lot. >> eating and drinking the average american spends 1.52 hours a day eating and drinking only 96% of americans eat and drink on a given day. only 96%? 4% doesn't eat or drink on a given day? >> who are these people? >> hard to know. monks or something living in the
6:12 am
desert. >> shopping 43 minutes a day. that is different if you are a man or woman. it is fascinating shopping, eating drinking activities and television watching we want you to watch four hours of television every saturday and sunday commit to that. you can get it done on the weekends with us. >> 6:00 am to 10:00 am fox and friends is when we are on. >> coming up. the violence in egypt. a priest was killed today. what should we do as a country. and what should we do to drop the ball. >> well, you are not the only one paying the price for a hard
6:13 am
night of partying. the huge tab that hang overs are having on our economy.
6:14 am
6:15 am
all right we've been telling
6:16 am
you about the violence that is spreading in egypt this morning. 30 people have been killed and today a cop pick christian priest was killed this morning. how should the obama administration react to all of this? >> ralph peters joins us live from washington. it is not clear that we are having any influence on the events. what should our policy be? >> given the incompetence, washington gets wrapped up in the day-to-day events and loses perspective. but what we just saw was a bigger victory for civilization
6:17 am
than the death of bin laden. it was important, but we saw tens of millions of muslims reject the constitution and the brotherhood. what those tens of millions of people were saying wasn't that they had buyer's remorse but they want to be part of the modern descent world this is huge and everywhere they are in a panic. >> despite the turmoil we are seeing on our screen, let's talk about the money. in 2009 more than $1 billion every year this year, $1.3 billion you think we should continue to send that now. >> i think we should cut it back. but now that egyptians are
6:18 am
taking the country's fate in their own hands, and again, both of you know that the media and our government are like dogs that go on cue phrases. the leader starts turning into a dictator and try iing to -- his country. and in fact the military is trying to be the referee. the military doesn't want to directly govern. they are trying to reeferee an ugly problem. the bottom line is that yes, at this point it is wise to continue aid. president obama has managed to ail nate the liberals and it is
6:19 am
an amazing achievement. this plays hard ball with a titanium bat. they play wiffle ball and it is stunning. >> we just got word that a priest was killed today. christians are under the gun. is the obama administration doing anything to help them at all? >> why do you want to help christians? >> bus they are persecuted mi r minority. >> the christian civilization in the middle east is being dismantled through ethnic cleansing, murder, appropriations by muslim radicals throughout the region and islamists and the obama
6:20 am
administration is doing nothing. but to be fair, the bush administration did nothing. and they are older by 600 years. >> thank you. >> thanks rob. >> he is locked up in gitmo but now he is cashing in. >> and congress is considering removing all income tax breaks and starting with a blank slate. ♪ when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
some quick headlines for you. it may be the slowest car chase in the history of car chases. it seems to be a random pedestrian out there. >> cops are called when the driver pulled a gun and he led them on a low speed chase. the suspect stopped for red lights and after 30 long minutes. >> the will of the late actor james gandolfini is a tax disaster. it may wind up in the government's hands. he left the majority of his estate to his sisters and infant daughter, not to his wife. that is now subject to a 55%
6:25 am
death tax. >> speaking of taxes, when it comes to filing them, we love to pay a little less. it is being called the blank slate plan. it would wipe out tax deductions from the tax code. here to explain real estate expert. sherry, nice to see you this morning. >> how could this affect homeowners. you have to let us know which ones you want to put back on the table by july 26th. the impact on homeowners could
6:26 am
be huge. mostly because so many american peoples are homeowners and we know that when folks feel that they have benefits. the ability did not have on income tax. those mom and pop investors are the ones who have been saving foreclosures and they are doing that and taking that risk because of lower capitol gains rates and the benefit of the exchanges which are on the table now. capitol gains after selling a home. right now you have to live in a home for two years and you don't pay that large capitol gains tax on the property. but that could be on the chopping block and you might not
6:27 am
be able to get that exception anymore, right? >> that is correct. there is an exclusion for ho homeown homeowners. and we know that the more homes we can get mom and pop investors to buy, and the more we can get them to pay for those homes, especially when we still have 20% of homeowners with mortgages under water, the last thing we want to start doing is dissuading them from continuing to help our housing recover. >> real estate depreciation? >> correct that is for those who benefit significantly and the more money we take out of their pockets the less willing they are going to be to help our real
6:28 am
estate recover. >> the mortgage interest deduction is also on the chopping block correct? >> that is going to affect those who are already houurting. they are the one s grappling wh the rules on the downpayment. the last thing we want to do is discourage the first time home buyers. the mortgage interest deduction can add up to millions of dollars per year. these rules are slated to begin. and we know our real estate and housing is not slated to begin to 2014. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> coming up next here.
6:29 am
trapped in brazil. an american mom and her 6-year-old daughter not allowed to leave. we will tell you why coming up. >> and could goofing off at work be the secret to success. why taking breaks is beneficial to your employer and to you.
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
wake up everyone. it was a match made in heaven. they had to wait a few minutes. an australian man drops to a knee to propose to his girl. she doesn't even notice until this. >> oh, my god.
6:33 am
>> well, that took a while. >> yeah, wow. >> apparently she agreed to marry this man. but first she had to clean her store windows? >> we're not open yet. >> she blamed it on a blond moment. >> i'm going to pull that some time. >> you should. >> meanwhile, ladies, don't ever ever ever bring are your boyfriend or husband shopping. end of talking point. come on. if you want your man to be happy don't take him shopping. men hate it. i must be the odd man out. i love shopping. i wan der the halls. here are the numbers. eight in ten men hate shopping
6:34 am
with their wife or girlfriend. 45% avoid it at all costs the majority of all men go home after 36 minutes. why do men go along with this. they think that by doing so they will get points? >> oh, no. women have contempt for men who agree to go to the mall. >> here is what the study has found out. men are less likely to act out if promised a treat. >> what are you a dog? >> is your wife dangle a treat in front of you? >> i have never been an never would go. doug from new york writes just
6:35 am
sit don't look up think or comment. >> sharon from florida says i envy men who can walk into a store, pick up a package, pay for it and walk out. don't mess around. cheryl writes, my husband says he would rather have his teeth pulled out with no novakaine than go to the mall. shopping men. do you go shopping? >> you try to avoid it at all costs? >> i say it is like riding the subway. if you promise him a treat? >> um, sometimes. what about you. >> i love shopping. yes, it is my hobby.
6:36 am
we shop and eat or eat and shop. are you lying to me? >> no. seriously. yeah, groceries it is fantastic. no, no we move quick. we go in and survey the place. >> what is your name? you want to go down to macy's together? >> get your credit card. >> let's go. >> i'm going to head down to macy's. you will have a great time. >> let's go over to rick and see how the weather is out here. >> it is hot and sticky out here. >> i like it. alley lives for this hot weather. every time it gets like this i think maybe i like winter better. it is warm out there. look at some pictures. they had an incredible hail
6:37 am
storm that caused two feet of hail to fall. everybody is having to get know plows out there. look at the video coming down. up to two feet of this ice falling. it is going to take a long time to melt that. we might see ice on the ground. there you go. not getting that hail in that area. look at the weather maps you can see what is going on. big plume of moisture getting pulled in across the areas of the south. four to five inches of rain. other than that, it is hot along the coast and down to the southeast. texas more sunshine. all right guys k ba to you. >> thank you so much. a custody dispute has trapped a massachusetts mother and daughter in brazil for more than a month. she said she took her
6:38 am
six-year-old daughter ava to south america to see her daughter and once they arrived she learned he planned to keep her. officials claim they will be returned after her visits with her father. >> and starting monday, strict new rules will go into effect in wisconsin. governor scott walker signing the bill into law. doctors must point out features like the baby's organs and heart beat. planned parenthood plans to sue to block that law. prisoners held at guantanamo bay gets a book deal. they are full of brutal descriptions of interrogation and torture. he will be the first and only
6:39 am
guantanamo prisoner still to tell his story in print. >> nsa leaker edward snowden could be headed to venezuela. molly? >> reporter: tucker, good morning. neither country has put forth a lot of details. but both countries say they want to come to the nsa leaker's aid. president said in the name of -- he would offer asylum to him. >> he and whugo chavez have bee
6:40 am
critics of the u.s. >> meanwhile, nick wafter findi how the united states is using technology to spy on the whole world and it's unallies. for now he is still hold up in a moscow airport hotel as he tries to find a country that will take him in. >> molly is a person who never goofs off at work. >> always serious. that is right all the time. >> no fooling around for her, but we can tell you why coming up on the show. goofing off will make you productive. she has the best tips to let
6:41 am
loose at work. >> come on. don'tties me.
6:42 am
6:43 am
welcome back. quick headlines for you. words you won't hear from christian bale anymore. >> i'm batman. >> the actor confirming he will
6:44 am
not reprees his role as batman for the upcoming justice league movie. he said he is happy to pass on the cape. >> hang overs cost the government a lot. the reason? employees coming to work after a night of hard partying tend to be spacey and less productive and a drain on the economy. >> tylenol funded that study. goofing off at the office my be the key to success. >> that is what i have been saying for years. >> kathrine, great to see you this morning. >> we hear this research and maybe sluff it off to the side. we think what does that mean go down and play pool? >> i do.
6:45 am
humans are not machines and so productivity comes and the research is backing up the fact that if you have writer's block taking a break can make your work that much better. how many hours do you work? >> if i had a dog walking a dog can be great. i follow my own advice. at the mews people aren't feeling it, people can take a break and re-engage with whatever you are doing. for people who are goofing off and want to recharge. the first is take a walk. you get blood flow and your body picks up and maybe you haven't been able to solve. >> the opposite of that, taking a nap. >> does that work? >> sometimes, your exhausted.
6:46 am
there are companies that have nap rooms that encourage people to take a break. we call that jiraldo's office. exercise does make you more focused. spend time on facebook, twitter and social media. there is no way that you can convince me that's real. but again, sometimes getting your brain out of the context and shifting to a social activity can be helpful. you want to limit yourself to five minutes so you don't go down the rabbit hole. >> now tucker is not as adverse to the next tip. take some time and go brush your teeth. >> this one is symbolic. you are removing decay and
6:47 am
plaque and it is about walking and doing something else and you come back and feel refreshed and you are ready to tackle the day. >> my wife has to go and do some big task she brushes her teeth. >> last you say go to the gym. how does that help? >> again, you're getting yourself, the blood flowing and a lot of companies are putting them in their house. work out and then come back to work. >> we do that here and are there jobs where people show up and do the work and then go home at the end of the day. we have this 8 hour workday. yes, and no. i think there are others where they want to take time out in
6:48 am
the middle of the day to work out. if that works for them and they are productive that way, more power to them. great to have you. >> i am off of facebook. >> he is known as the singing trooper. here is why. ♪ ♪ >> in our studio with a live special performance that is coming up. when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network.
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6:51 am
he was a member of the united states marine corps. and a member of the massachusetts state police force.
6:52 am
now he devotes patriotism across the country. >> we are pleased, honored, in fact, to welcome dan clark to the studio. also known as the singing trooper. you have an unbelievable voice. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> you've been serving as our caffeine this morning because it's reducing. >> thank you. >> how did you begin singing? >> i started as just a little boy. my parents took me to shows when i was just a little guy and they started me off on gilbert & sullivan. which is crazy. but what inspired me is i was watching tv like all kids do and i was watching my favorite show, gomer pyle. he was going down to washington, d.c. and he said, you know, pile, the president, the first lady, the commandant of the
6:53 am
marine corps will be there. he gets so nervous, and he reads the gettysburg address, he's so moved by what he reads, he rushes back and he performance the impossible dream. now, as a little boy watching this, i was just like -- a tidal wave came through the tv and hit me. i was like, mama, this is unbelievable. so i started singing at a very young age. to the all-state, eastern, and michael dukakis and kitty is the one that introduced me to the boston pops and they invited me on the 100th anniversary of "america the beautiful" to sing that song. >> wow. that's great background. >> are you going to join me. >> no. but i can promise our viewers they're going to be pumped up by this. >> come on now. you've got to all know this. ♪ you're a grand old flag
6:54 am
your a high flying flag ♪ ♪ and forever in peace may you wave ♪ ♪ you're the emblem of the land i love ♪ ♪ the home of the free and the brave ♪ ♪ every heartbeat full to the red, white and blue ♪ ♪ and should old acquaintance be forgot keep your eye on that grand ole flag ♪ ♪ this land is your land this land is my land ♪ ♪ from california to the new york island from the red wood for to the gulf stream water ♪ ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ ♪ i locked above me down in the skyway i looked below me down knot valley ♪ ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ ♪ the stars at night are big and bright ♪ ♪ deep in the heart of texas
6:55 am
♪ the prairie sky is wide and high deep in the heart of texas ♪ ♪ the stage in glow like perfume deep in the heart of texas ♪ ♪ reminds me of the one i love deep in the heart of texas ♪ ♪ i'm a yankee doodle dan dee yankee doodle do or die ♪ ♪ a real live nephew of my uncle sam born on the fourth of july ♪ ♪ i've got a yankee doodle sweetheart she's any yankee doodle joy ♪ ♪ oh, yankee doodle came to town riding on a pony i am a yankee doodle boy ♪ ♪ oh, when the saints go marching in
6:56 am
oh, when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ oh, i want to be in that number when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ oh, when the sun begin toes shine oh, when the sun begins to shine ♪ ♪ lord, i want to be in that number oh, when the sun begins to shine ♪ ♪ oh, when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ oh, when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ lord, i want to be in that number oh, when the saints go marching in ♪ >> outstanding. thank you. driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
have you ever sung to anyone when you pulled them over on the highway? >> no. >> that would probably be
7:00 am
disoriented for most motorists. >> log on to fox and for more in the after the show show. tune in to us tomorrow. we'll have all the latest for you in egypt. >> 6:00 a.m. eastern time. wake up, don't miss a minute of it. >> see you then. >> help wanted. we're starting to see those signs pop up again. the private sector starting to create more than 2,000 jobs last month. meanwhile, uncle sam is handing out pink slips. are private jobs going up because government jobs are going down? hi, everyone. i'm brenda butler. this is bulles and bears. let's get right to it. private sector hiring because the federal government is finally cutting? >> well, look. brenda, government

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